It’s wondrous that inside a molten planet hurtling round the sun at 67,000 mph, we can find rocks that stimulate such a strong sense of stillness and calm.
It’s wondrous that minerals formed by catastrophically cataclysmic forces of chaos should generate such a strong sense of order and design.
It’s wondrous that such naturally formed designs have remained hidden for millions of years until technology provided us with microscopic eyes just a few years ago.
It’s wondrous that some of the images randomly created deep within the earth are reminiscent of landscapes on the surface, that hard rocks should produce images that look like flowing water, and others like flowers.
It’s wondrous that something formed by molten forces inside the earth should have colours identical to plants and animals found exclusively on the surface.
It’s wondrous, finally, how unique these designs are – like artists’ paintings, often similar, never the same – providing a natural exclusivity that even our most creative designers and artists could never match.
Welcome indeed to the wondrous world of Weston.